Why Goats

Goats have a slightly better feed to milk conversion ratio than cows, meaning per kilo of feed, goats can make more milk from it. This includes grazing/browsing as well as hard feeds. They also eat and thrive on a bigger variety of foliage including weeds in the paddocks. They are higher need in terms of their care, but easier in that their size makes them more manageable than cows.

Goats are entertaining and intelligent animals as well as being affectionate and loving and are just fun to be around. They make farming feel less isolating and lonely, much like a trusty farm dog can do.


Kidding season is particularly fun with lots of baby goats to cuddle, look after and place in their forever homes. We do have goat kids available in the spring to appropriate homes. If you think goats might be for you, we encourage you to do some research first on sites like this one.

But a lot more has been written from overseas sources like this.


The nutritional benefits of goat milk and cheese are undisputed. Humans have been milking goats for over 5,000 years and more of the world drinks goat milk than cow milk. Goat milk is easier to digest, has less allergens, is naturally A2, and is a better source of Medium Chain Fatty Acids. These fatty acids are available for energy immediately and not stored as body fat. Add the benefits of cheese being a cultured food (probiotics) to the benefits of goat milk and you have a “superfood”. More information can be found here:

Goat Milk Benefits

Goat Cheese Benefits


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